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    UPDATED: Response Time Problems at Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy

    UPDATE: Victor Caston has written to let me know that he did not seek a renewal of his term and will soon complete his term as editor. I will still pass on the experiences I receive to the editorial board, as I believe it might be helpful in determining best practices for OSAP going forward. I will also share any news I have about the transition when I have it. ORIGINAL POST: Recently several people have reached out to me noting continued experiences of serious delays in editorial responses at Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy.  Many junior scholars report waiting 8-15 months for an initial verdict on their submission. See…

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    Virtual Dissertation Groups Signup

    I’m writing to highlight the dissertation writing workshop groups for philosophy graduate students that Joshua Smart organizes. Sign-ups are through January 16. There are usually several students in ancient philosophy participating, so it’s likely that ancient philosophy people who sign up will be placed in a Greek and Roman philosophy group. Here’s his announcement: Do you or someone you love suffer from writing-a-philosophy-dissertation? Then you should check out Virtual Dissertation Groups! What it is: VDG is a free service for those working on their doctoral dissertations in philosophy. Since 2014, we’ve connected students from over 30 countries to provide peer feedback on dissertation work with a minimal time commitment. How it works: Each…

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    2021-22 Small Grants Program for History of Philosophy Research at Notre Dame

     Therese Scarpelli Cory, Director of the History of Philosophy Forum and John and Jean Oesterle Associate Professor of Thomistic Studies in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame, writes to pass on information about 2021-22 travel grants for international scholars who would like to do research in the history of philosophy at the University of Notre Dame: I am pleased to announce that the 2020-2021 Call for Applications is now open for the Small Grants Program at the History of Philosophy Forum at the University of Notre Dame.  This program, now in its second year, supports international scholars with research projects in the history of philosophy that could benefit from a…

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    Ancient Philosophy Journal Experiences and Time Frames, June 2020 Update

    Last September, I highlighted what recent public surveys submitted to the APA Journal Surveys project indicated about the editorial experience at journals that specialize in ancient philosophy and the history of philosophy. I’m writing to provide another update based on recent surveys (though things have not changed too much). The journals that get the best ratings for editorial experience are also the quickest. The British Journal for the History of Philosophy and the Journal of the History of Philosophy continue to lead the way in editor experience scores. The APA journal surveys site asks respondents to rate the overall editorial experience from 1-5 and these two are the only ones with…

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    Online Ancient Greek Reading Groups

    A number of participants in the Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Network are interested in online reading groups. We are tentatively planning on starting ancient Greek reading groups on Plato, Aristotle, and late ancient texts. They will probably meet every other week. If you’re interested in participating in any of the reading groups (Plato, Aristotle, or late ancient), send an email to ancientphilosophyevents AT gmail.com by Monday, June 1 with 1) your name, 2) your email address, and 3) which group(s) you are interested in. I will follow up with group members on dates, times, texts, and format that week. All potential participants will be able to share their available…

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    Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Network Facebook Group

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many events have been cancelled and many of us cam no longer be as active in person. To connect scholars online, I’ve set up an Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy Network Facebook group. It’s a forum for scholars working in any area of ancient philosophy, from Thales of Miletus through to Boethius and Byzantium, in order to create a greater sense of community within a field that features scholars from many different backgrounds, perspectives, and locations. All members are encouraged to share ancient philosophy related events, questions, books and articles (including their own), and teaching materials. Any scholar with an interest in ancient philosophy, whatever…

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    Ancient Philosophy Events and COVID-19 (Updated)

    As COVID-19 spreads more and more widely, restrictions on public gatherings and on travel, especially international travel, continue to grow. Daily Nous has a post on the way philosophy events such as department talks and visits have been affected. You can also check this crowd sourced Google doc of cancelled academic conferences. If you know of an ancient philosophy event that has been cancelled or postponed, please contact me and I will update the ancient philosophy events calendar appropriately. Also, if anyone is moving their event online or hosting new online events, please share them! There are lots of people looking for ways to stay connected.  Invicem succurrite et valete!

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    Publons and Recognizing Peer Review

    Peer review is the foundation of our whole system of recognizing and sharing scholarship. At the same time, it consists of unpaid labor that is rarely rewarded or recognized, though some efforts are now being made. Its burden also falls disproportionately on the conscientious who are more likely to respond to requests and to do a decent job as reviewers. Those who ignore invitations to review or do such a poor job that they will not be asked again can free ride on the system. We need better ways to incentivize scholars to do their fair share of peer review. Publons, a website that tracks peer reviews and works with…

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    New Scholarly Society: The International Society for Socratic Studies

    Readers will be interested to learn about this new scholarly society and consider becoming a member. Here is the announcement from Donald Morrison (current president, Rice): The International Society for Socratic Studies has been formed to promote Socratic studies throughout the world. We are devoted to Socratic Studies in all its aspects, drawing on the full range of ancient sources and authors, and using a variety of approaches and methods. The Society is similar in structure to the International Plato Society (now 30 years old), and the International Association for Presocratic Studies.  We will sponsor a major triennial conference every three years, support other smaller conferences in between, and promote publications…