New Scholarly Society: The International Society for Socratic Studies

Readers will be interested to learn about this new scholarly society and consider becoming a member. Here is the announcement from Donald Morrison (current president, Rice):

The International Society for Socratic Studies has been formed to promote Socratic studies throughout the world. We are devoted to Socratic Studies in all its aspects, drawing on the full range of ancient sources and authors, and using a variety of approaches and methods.

The Society is similar in structure to the International Plato Society (now 30 years old), and the International Association for Presocratic Studies.  We will sponsor a major triennial conference every three years, support other smaller conferences in between, and promote publications and other forms of collaboration among scholars.

We invite interested scholars from all over the world to join our Society and receive our news. (At present there are no membership dues!) To join, fill in the form at this webpage:

The Society was formed last November at the Socratica IV conference in Buenos Aires. Claudia Márisco was the founding President. The current President is Donald Morrison. The Society’s email address is socratessociety AT

Website: Facebook  Page: InternationalSocietyForSocraticStudies

The Society’s scope includes:

  1. The figure and thought of Socrates and the Socratic schools, his historical context, and the sources of evidence concerning him.
  2. Reactions to Socrates, positive and negative.
  3. The first generation of Socratic Movement.
  4. The history of the reception of Socrates.

On the subject of scholarly societies, I plan to do a post soon with an overview of and links to existing Ancient Greek and Roman scholarly societies, so look out for that and contact me if you have information you would like to share.

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