Ancient Philosophy Journals (Updated)

Slow referees and unresponsive editors are extremely painful, as most of us know. You also want to make sure the length and topic of your paper fits the journal. This can be annoying, since up to date information on the policies, procedures, and turn around time of journals isn’t widely available in one place. To help, I have compiled a list of journals that publish articles on Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, along with their official policies (languages of publication, word count etc.) and whatever information was available about their acceptance rates, reviews times, time to publication and other relevant features. Some journals make this information publicly available (e.g. Journal of the History of Philosophy, British Journal for the History of Philosophy), but where this is not the case I have relied on the data from the Journal Surveys project at the American Philosophical Association (APA) and on a 2014 APA/British Philosophical Association survey of editors. You may also find this post on best and worst journal experiences, based on Journal Surveys data, and the September 2019 update helpful.

I strongly encourage everyone reading to fill out a survey whenever they get a response from a journal. Having recent information is crucial to making an informed decision about where to submit, especially for those without inside knowledge about the current habits, prejudices, and approaches of various journals. I will regularly check the journal survey data and update the spreadsheet accordingly. The journal surveys do not currently cover all the journals included, but additional journals can be written in. Also, please let me know about any journals I may have missed and I will include them. If you are an editor or other responsible party for any of these journals and have more complete information on acceptance rate, review times, time to publication etc. please contact me and I would gladly update the journal information.

The journals are broken into two categories (use the tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet to switch between them): 1) ancient philosophy, classics, and history of philosophy journals 2) generalist philosophy journals (that are open to publishing ancient philosophy). Given the high number of generalist journals, I am only listing names and web addresses in this category, as compiling all the relevant policies and data is too much work for me at present. I’d encourage you to check the APA journal surveys project for information on these journals, however.

Please contact me if you have any further information or journals to add, suggestions for information or metrics to add, or any questions about the data.



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