Opportunity to Sign Open Letter by Junior Philosophers to OUP and OSAP’s Editorial Board

I have recently documented serious issues with response times and editorial practices at Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy. In light of that, I sent my own personal open letter to OSAP’s editorial board and Peter Momtchiloff, the editor at Oxford University Press. I then published Peter Momtchiloff’s response.

Now a group of junior ancient philosophers have come together to write their own letter asking for specific changes in editorial practices at OSAP that they believe would make ancient philosophy a more welcoming space for philosophers from marginalized groups. I was not involved in drafting this letter, though I agree with the concerns they articulate and have requested that my name by added to the signatories.

In the view of these junior philosophers, it’s vital that OSAP move to a double or triply anonymous review system to avoid the potential for implicit bias, improve transparency, and remove the need for philosophers to contact the editor directly in order to receive any information about the status of their paper. The letter lays out what they are requesting and explains how their requests are compatible with OSAP’s distinct features as a journal. It also shares valuable information about what it would take for OSAP to make the necessary transitions.

You may view the letter here.

They are now soliciting support for this letter. If there is a critical mass of support from philosophers, both junior and senior, it will be easier to convince those involved in running OSAP that significant change is needed.

If you want to sign this open letter, please email your name and affiliation to

Please put a star ( * ) before your name if you are an ancient philosopher and/or someone who has published in Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy.)

My understanding is that they will immediately add all senior scholars who write in to the list of signatories, but are waiting for a critical mass before sharing a list of junior scholars who support the changes they are seeking. Given this, I recommend indicating whether you are a junior or senior scholar/ whether you wish your name to be added immediately or only once there is a critical mass.

Thank you,

Caleb Cohoe

Professor of Philosophy, MSU Denver


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