OUP Response to Open Letter about OSAP Editorial Practices

Peter Momtchiloff, the editor at Oxford University Press responsible for managing the production of Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, has written back in response to my open letter to OUP and the editorial board saying:

We are of course aware of the issue and have been working on trying to deal with it. This will take some time still but you may be sure that it is a priority for us.”

He was unable to share a determinate timeline, but says that “we shall make announcements about OSAP when we can.”

I look forward to seeing what steps OUP and the editorial board take. I will share an update when there are any developments with respect to a new editor or reforms to editorial processes.

For now, I would especially encourage hiring, tenure, and promotion committees to be aware, when evaluating the publication records of scholars, of the situation at OSAP over the last few years, including the limited number of papers published by junior scholars and the serious delays throughout this period (and quite possibly for a while going forward).

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