New Joint PhD/MA Philosophy & Classics program at the University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is launching a new joint program (PhD in Philosophy and MA in Classics) and asked me to share the following announcement:

Since we are upon a new cycle of graduate applications, I wanted to bring to your attention the new Joint PhD/MA Philosophy & Classics program at the University of Notre Dame (deadline Jan 15th).

This is a six-year funded program that aims to provide students with the opportunity to pursue a PhD in Philosophy and a MA in Classics in tandem.

The MA degree can be pursued with different degrees of emphasis on either Greek or Latin (see under ‘Double Degree’).

The joint program should be of interest to prospective students of ancient and medieval philosophy. The Philosophy Department has ten faculty members actively researching on these areas:

Ancient: Sean KelseyDavid O’ConnorChristopher ShieldsVittorio Hösle (concurrent), and Gretchen Reydams-Schils (concurrent).

Medieval: Therese CoryDavid CoryRichard CrossStephen Dumont, and John O’Callaghan.

Along with over a dozen experts on these areas from the Departments of Classics, History, Political Science, Liberal Studies, and Theology.

In addition, Notre Dame has a very vibrant and intellectually stimulating ancient and medieval philosophy community. It is home to the Center for the Aristotelian Tradition, the History of Philosophy Forum, and the Workshop on Ancient Philosophy. As you can see in the above links, events that take place every year include an annual conference, two annual workshops (1 and 2), invited lectures by distinguished academics, and two weekly ancient Greek reading groups (usually one on Plato and the other on Aristotle).

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