Update to Ancient Philosophy Journal Listings

I have updated my ancient philosophy journal listings to more prominently include several generalist journals on the first sheet: Australasian Journal of Philosophy, Ergo, Philosophers’ Imprint, and Philosophical Quarterly. These journals are all well-regarded  and have quick turnaround times, with all of them averaging less than 2.5 months to decision. They have also all fairly consistently published articles on Greek and Roman philosophy and are committed to doing so. Both Ergo and Philosophers’ Imprint are open access, without requiring the author to pay any fees (though Philosophers’ Imprint does have a $20 USD submission fee). Ergo is also triple anonymous, so that neither editors nor referees know the identity of authors, something which is not true, to my knowledge, of any of the specialist ancient philosophy journals or history of philosophy journals.

For a broad, crowd-sourced listing of philosophy journals, readers may be interested in this editable spreadsheet of all philosophy journals (h/t dailynous).

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