New Round of Ancient Philosophy Paper Drafts Exchange: UPDATE Deadline Extended to January 15

Are you a scholar of ancient philosophy looking for feedback on your paper draft? Then you’ve come to the right post. I am organizing another ancient philosophy paper drafts exchange. You have until January 15 to indicate your interest. I will arrange the exchange the following week and you will then have until March 1 to share your comments on the drafts you receive.

There are two options to indicate your interest:

  1. Email me with the title and topic of your draft and how many other drafts (1-3) you would be willing to provide comments on.
  2. Fill out the following form, which asks for some basic information about you and the draft you are interested in sharing.

After January 5, I will divide people into groups based on topic and area, contacting participants via email. The grouping will be done on a reciprocal basis: if you commit to commenting on 2 papers, you will get 2 people assigned to comment on your papers. You can either share your paper via email or set up a session on philpeople. You will then have until March 1 to read and comment on others’ drafts (as they will with yours). Please let me know if you have any issues with the form or any suggestions concerning this initiative.


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