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    Sarah Broadie (1941-2021)

    Sarah (Waterlow) Broadie has passed away. She had been at the University of St. Andrews for 20 years, after previously holding positions at Princeton University, Rutgers University, Yale University, the University of Texas, and the University of Edinburgh. She authored several books and dozens of articles on ancient philosophy and its relationship to contemporary philosophy. She was known for her work on Aristotle’s Physics (Nature, Change, and Agency and Passage and Possibility) and his ethics (Ethics with Aristotle and her commentary on the Nicomachean Ethics) and Plato’s cosmology and theology (e.g. her book on Nature and Divinity in Plato’s Timaeus). Her latest book, Plato’s Sun-Like Good: Dialectic in the Republic,…

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    Sarah Broadie awarded an OBE

    Sarah Broadie, professor at St. Andrews, author of seven books and dozens of articles on ancient philosophy, has been awarded an OBE. She is well known for her books on Aristotle’s Physics (Nature, Change, and Agency in Aristotle’s Physics: a philosophical study) and Nicomachean Ethics (Ethics with Aristotle). Of the award, she said: “It’s a great pleasure to me that our subject of classical philosophy should receive this recognition.”