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    Ancient Philosophy Syllabi Collection Project

    I’m starting a new project to collect and analyze syllabi from surveys of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy. My goals are to get a better sense of how teaching is currently being conducted, share ideas for course designs, highlight neglected but promising texts, and consider new approaches. I think it will be helpful to see what the selection of topics and readings looks like in current teaching. To what degree are surveys of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy still dominated by Plato and Aristotle? Do surveys spend time on early Greek philosophers? Do they include any Hellenistic or late ancient philosophers? I am also interested in topical coverage. Do most surveys…

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    Draft Listing of Ancient Philosophy Graduate Programs (updated)

    Which programs should students who want to pursue graduate work in Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy consider? I would like to provide a listing of such programs and associated helpful information. I have posted below a draft of programs, with one listing for MA programs and another for PhD programs. This is just a draft, so please let me know of any programs that should be added or any relevant information of which I should be aware. The list will be inclusive, so any place where students can write on or focus on ancient philosophy is eligible. I also want to include some information about programs outside the English-speaking world,…

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    Ancient Philosophy Journals (Updated)

    Slow referees and unresponsive editors are extremely painful, as most of us know. You also want to make sure the length and topic of your paper fits the journal. This can be annoying, since up to date information on the policies, procedures, and turn around time of journals isn’t widely available in one place. To help, I have compiled a list of journals that publish articles on Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, along with their official policies (languages of publication, word count etc.) and whatever information was available about their acceptance rates, reviews times, time to publication and other relevant features. Some journals make this information publicly available (e.g. Journal…

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    This is a new blog featuring information, news, and resources for Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy, edited by Caleb Cohoe. It hosts the ancient philosophy events calendar I have been maintaining and also provides ancient philosophy journal information. I also plan to feature interviews with scholars in the field and discussions on future directions in ancient philosophy. Comments and suggestions for content are welcome!