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    New Round of Ancient Philosophy Paper Drafts Exchange: Open until January 5

    Are you a scholar of ancient philosophy looking for feedback on your paper draft? Then you’ve come to the right post. I am organizing another ancient philosophy paper drafts exchange. You have until January 5 to indicate your interest. I will arrange the exchange the following week and you will then have until March 1 to share your comments on the drafts you receive. There are two options to indicate your interest: Email me with the title and topic of your draft and how many other drafts (1-3) you would be willing to provide comments on. Fill out the following form, which asks for some basic information about you and…

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    Master’s Programs in Ancient Philosophy

    It’s increasingly difficult to get admitted directly into a Ph.D. program, especially for students coming from lesser known universities who may not have support from well-connected faculty. Programs offering a terminal Master’s degree can be a good way for prospective doctoral students to hone their philosophical skills and begin developing a research program in order to become more competitive for admission to excellent doctoral programs.  Following up on my draft list of graduate programs in ancient philosophy, I am sharing this listing of programs that offer terminal Master’s degrees with a focus on ancient philosophy. I have included information about degrees offered, application deadlines, centres or special programs, and the ancient…

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    Updated APA Journal Surveys Website

    The American Philosophical Association and the Center for Digital Philosophy have just announced that they are partnering to provide an updated journal surveys website. You can read more about it at the APA blog. This is a great time for everyone to submit surveys about their journal experiences if they have not already done so. I have updated my Ancient Philosophy Journals post to link to the new site. I will be checking in a few weeks for new data on ancient philosophy journals and will then update the statistics on the ancient philosophy journals spreadsheet.

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    Academic Writing Advice with David Ebrey

    David Ebrey is currently Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in the Research Training Group Philosophy, Science and the Sciences and works primarily on Plato and Aristotle. He has recently been circulating a brief handout of academic writing advice, with an eye towards ancient philosophy. I found this advice clear and helpful. He originally shared it with graduate students at Humboldt University and developed the current version after getting feedback from a number of people in the field. I wanted to take this opportunity to share this advice with everyone and ask David a few follow-up questions about it. Start by reading his advice: available here, it’s also up on his website. Also,…

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    Join the Mellon Philosophy as a Way of Life Project!

    I am very excited to announce the Mellon Philosophy as a Way of Life Project, a new initiative to help scholars effectively teach philosophy as a way of life! I am delighted to be serving as one of the Lead Faculty Advisors.  If you teach philosophy at a post-secondary institution and are interested at all, please check out our website: philife.nd.edu and consider submitting a letter of intent.   We are putting together a network of interested scholars to share resources and to participate in a week-long workshop we will be running at Notre Dame for members, each of the next three summers. You can apply for travel funding and we also…

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    Last Call for Paper Drafts Exchange (Updated)

    Entry is now closed. The next round of the Paper Drafts Exchange will open in December. I will be closing entry for the initial round of ancient philosophy paper drafts exchange on Wednesday. If you are interested, please fill out the following form, which asks for some basic information about the draft you are interested in sharing. I will then divide people into groups based on topic and area, contacting participants via email. The grouping will be done on a reciprocal basis: if you commit to commenting on 2 papers, you will get 2 people assigned to comment on your papers. I will help everyone set up sessions on philpeople or…

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    New CFPs Calendar

    In response to last week’s poll, I have created a new CFPs calendar. It includes only calls for papers (CFPs), calls for abstracts (CFAs), and other application deadlines for ancient Greek and Roman philosophy events. For a full listing of all the lectures, conferences, symposia, etc. you can continue to use the Ancient Philosophy Calendar.

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    Separation Referendum: Should CFPs Be Divorced from Events?

    This site maintains a listing of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy events from around the world. Right now, this calendar includes both call for papers/abstracts and various talks and conferences. I would like to get feedback on whether the community would appreciate having a separate calendar that only included call for papers and calls for abstracts (i.e. it would only inform you about events you could apply to participate in). Let me know what you think by voting in this poll! Feel free to comment below or email as well.

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    Ancient Philosophy Journals (Updated)

    Slow referees and unresponsive editors are extremely painful, as most of us know. You also want to make sure the length and topic of your paper fits the journal. This can be annoying, since up to date information on the policies, procedures, and turn around time of journals isn’t widely available in one place. To help, I have compiled a list of journals that publish articles on Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, along with their official policies (languages of publication, word count etc.) and whatever information was available about their acceptance rates, reviews times, time to publication and other relevant features. NOTE: Originally this listing was divided into three sheets:…

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    Ancient Philosophy Paper Drafts Exchange

    It is hard for many of us to get helpful feedback on works in progress. This is an area where I think the ancient philosophy community can make more effective use of technology. Philpeople, the new social initiative for philosophers from the non-profit Philpapers Foundation, has a sessions feature, which allows you to post drafts and get comments from those who are invited to participate. I think this is a promising tool for getting and sharing feedback. I am organizing an ancient philosophy paper drafts exchange based on it. If you are interested, please fill out the following form, which asks for some basic information about the draft you are interested in…